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luck. and live from studio fourteen had al-jazeera headquarters in doha on the problem welcome to the new square it tributes confusion and calls for tolerance and a focus on the darkest side of the internet struggles to understand the government's attack on two mosques the news even. man appeared in court he didn't say a word but he did send a message using a signal popular with the far right now looking at a bad angle to the story you can share your thoughts with us throughout the show using the hash tag. now supporters of venezuelan president to make an os on the
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streets. of the government tries to hold their loyalty and count to international sanctions by increasing its aid handouts and how the legacy of. continues to haunt spain more than four decades after the fascist latest death. it was the news great to live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and al-jazeera dot com new zealand is a country united in grief as it struggles to come to terms with friday's mass shooting at two mosques the prime minister has been cross church meeting members of the muslim community bringing messages of love and support from across the country and the globe at least forty nine people were killed and dozens more injured the main suspect has appeared in court well shortly we'll cross live to christchurch
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and wayne hay but first his report. cuffed and dressed in white prison clothes australian born brinton terence stood before a judge charged with murder you. tyrant is the main suspect of an attack at this mosque in christchurch a survivor filmed the scene inside moments after the gunman had opened fire the gunman live streamed his attack on facebook as he indiscriminately opened fire on more than two hundred muslim worshipers shortly after that shooting there was a similar attack at lynnwood mosque about ten minutes away four patients and dogs on their way into the hospital yesterday dying before they arrived those injured ranged in ages from the very young to quite healthily patients eleven of them are in the intensive care unit. including one female a mid twenty's all of those in i.c.u.
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what we would consider critically ill new zealand's prime minister said the suspects arrested weren't on security watch lists arriving with a bomb disposal robot the police have started their investigation in did need in a small city to the south of christchurch where terence lived the area was evacuated as a precaution earlier they had discovered two bombs in the main suspects caught the unprecedented violence has prompted the government to commit to changing gun control rules my understanding is he how how the category i gun license and again i prefer my advice currently is that he under the gun license was able to legally acquired the gun said he held they will give you an indication of why we need to change our gun laws the national threat level has been raised from low to high as police politicians and the public come to terms with the worst and most shocking attack the ever experienced. as the forensic work is completed the size of the
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police cordon around el nor mosque is reduced those who came here to pay their respects to the dead made sure that hundreds of floral tributes would not be left behind. and wayne is joining us live from christchurch now as you said wayne the worst attack the country has ever experienced before we get to how it is dealing with dealing with it we've had the first court appearance talk us through what happens next yes we. have seen brenton terrence in the dogs in the court here in christchurch for the first time it was a fairly brief appearance he raised a lot of eyebrows with his apparent response while he was in the courtroom smirking several times when he was looking towards journalists who were inside that courtroom so he has been charged with one count of murder at the moment there will
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be more charges of course this is very much probably a procedural thing more than anything to get them in the books so they can keep him in detention and he was remanded without plea and will reappear on april the fifth we mustn't forget also that there are two other people who are still in police custody there was a fourth as well who was arrested on the day on friday when the shootings took place that person has been released without charge these other two people we know very little about and facts there is one man one woman and at the moment all we have being told is that the police are still investigating whether there is any link between him and brinton tyrant the man who appeared in court on saturday morning and when you are of course from new zealand what's it been like to go back there to cover this story. surreal i have to say it is been quite bizarre certainly throughout the course of
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saturday it was very busy here on this road this road leads down to the mosque where most of the people were killed the norm mosque and as mentioned the police cordon has being brought closer to the mall skinned the floral tributes there have been placed on the cordon again ultimately people want to go right down to the gates of the mosque to pay their tributes there to mourn right at the front of the mosque but that is still very much a crime scene down there the police still trying to work out exactly what happened and why it happened in this country elizabeth as you know these things don't happen in new zealand this is unprecedented and i think there was a sensation or a feeling that this country was immune in some ways to incidents like this happen in other parts of the world but that has proved to be incorrect and that could have been as some have speculated exactly why this attack was carried out here to send
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a message that there is no place in the world that is immune from this type of thing when thank you very much for that for now that is wayne hale live and christ church now some survivors of five days attack have been telling our correspondent andrew thomas how they escaped the gunman. off to the violent frenzy the flowers all day on saturday people came to lay them in tribute to the date and then stand wispa and weep among those gathered with survivors and their stories on one fiji. great british t.v. started his. three four minutes into. when he heard the shots. and noises coming near so then i decided to. trade and jump on my wife tried to support his best friend sister linda and when she
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tried to talk shit like that. one of coming you know on that and my wife it's enjoyed here. so i wanted to go to linda and linda is right one of my friend knows he is from india and though it was him run it was. blood on his shoulder so i was holding him and then the gun gunmen the gun through the window and shot him while he was on my lebanese shooting couple of drugs in the head he was a teen he pull of the. a when he but he left of the. way. friday's attacks were targeted at migrants and muslims but their impact has been t.n.i. to all new zealanders in horror and sadness some echoed the prime minister's call for urgent action on guns i think we should ban all guns in new zone dannie people today have guns is the place and the armed forces to receive be obeyed it does
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matter of a saying gan or well who weren't there. got their hands on all guns or they should be all been those who came to pay tribute saw the police working nearby they saw the hearses to arriving and leaving regularly collecting bodies from the al nor mosque this tribute has grown steadily over the course of saturday hundreds of people have been down here to stand in quiet contemplation there are of course very serious questions still to be answered but there's also grief and solidarity to express after thomas al-jazeera postures and world leaders continue to send messages of condolence and support to new zealand including the us president. i spoke with donald trump this morning he sought to call us directly he very much wish for his condolences to be passed on to new zealand he asked for
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support the united states could spread wide my message was sympathy and love for all muslim communities in about trump has again played down the threat posed by white supremacists the u.s. president says he hasn't seen the gunman's manifesto that suggests he was a source of inspiration to the suspect meanwhile the stranger has denied a british far right commentator a visa following his comments about the new zealand attacks yano pulis blamed the shootings on new zealand's tolerance of as calling it a barbaric alien religious culture astray and immigration minister david coleman said his presence would for men take to end a vision coleman had approved of even last week despite objections by the home affairs department well anderson pal is a social media producer and you have been following the online reaction to this story andrew and there is a lot of it that's right liz much of the world started talking about white
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supremacy on twitter after the attacks in christchurch you can see this map here of the terms that people were using on twitter that was already a big topic in the united states before the shootings and now there's a global conversation taking place using these terms now the man accused of carrying out the shooting he posted his racist views and announced what he was going to do in advance on the web so many people are talking about the digital paper trail the digital aspects of this story and how far right trolls share their views both online and off. now the twenty eight year old brenton terrine didn't enter a plea or seek bail but he did send a message of sorts you won't be able to see it in this footage that we've been using all day but there were photographers in the courtroom who caught something that he did with his hands and it was the ok sign which is used as a white power hand sign often to troll or just upset liberals there's a huge trolling culture on sites like four chan and
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a chan where people think it's funny to make racist jokes and then watch others react to them and we've seen plenty of white nationalists using this sign all the time yes i know it's an ok sign that we all use but it's taken on another meaning in these far right forums in the us but the u.s. based rather hate group monitoring organization the southern poverty law center has said there are white nationalists neo nazis and klansmen who have increasingly begun using the use of the symbol both to signal their presence to the like minded as well as to identify potentially sympathetic recruits among young trolling artists flashing it. to them the configuration means w.p. for white power now the s.p.l. she says that this kind of wink and interaction with the racist right is a direct route to its normalization the writer amanda marcotte has posts about this in the past she says that the ok symbol was literally invented to both serve as
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a white supremacist symbol and also one that is just ordinary looking enough that when liberals express outrage the white supremacists could then play on the victim of liberal hysteria and politicians are calling for research into this kind of thing calling for action congresswoman alexandria because of course has here says that we must understand how white supremacy and online radicalization works because it is impacting our entire society but she also points out here at the bottom that the administration defunded the federal programs designed to fight the spread of white supremacist hate groups now if you've been feeling powerless because of what you're seeing on social media related to the shootings here's a bit of advice. i understand that many of the muslim community members are saddened by what happened and they're asking what can i do my advice to you and to other muslim community members get off social media stop getting the news from a screen go talk to a person go and walked on islamic center next to you and greet their people there
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you will love their food your love their sweets you will meet their children let you were killed and meet their children the we have to realize that we have the human beings who are affected by this some very good advice there if you are still on social media let us know what you think about the story you can send us both your questions and your comments on twitter just use the hash tag it in its grid and we thank you very much for that we're going to get more on this now we're joined by haley of fred garcia a professor of communications at new york university and he's joining us live from there mr garcia very good to have you with us on news great i want to start with a comment that we've had from a facebook user who says you know can we hold politicians who sling hate speech accountable this guy of referring to the suspect said he was inspired by trump we have a rise of white supremacy around the world from the u.s. to europe have leaders in certain countries you know actually brought white
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supremacy to the mainstream with the things they've said. elizabeth sadly the answer is yes and i have been studying communication and its impact for nearly forty years and for the last three years i've been studying donald trump's language and he uses a language to divide people his very first announcement that he was running for president began by labeling mexicans a rapists and he continued that theme hate crimes against people perceived to be latin in the united states rose dramatically in the six month he then called for a total and complete ban of muslims entering the united states for the next six months there would of significant increase in hate crimes against people perceived to be muslim now what's what's fascinating about the possible linkage between new zealand and the united states is in october the president began aggressively using
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the language of invader invasion that the country was at serious risk of fatal harm and thus the white supremacist who killed people in the pittsburgh synagogue six days before that shooting on his social media post said i see they've stopped using the phrase illegal alien they're using the phrase invader i like this on the morning of the shooting in pittsburgh he said this jewish group likes to bring in invaders to kill our people i can't stand by and have our people be slaughtered i'm going in just like the new zealand shooting he announced his intention using the language of invasion and we see that again and again and again what we need in the united states and what i believe we need elsewhere in the world is for political leaders to name this for civic leaders to name this and hold political leaders accountable for the language and for the consequence is this lady is us president
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donald trump capable of doing that and when we talk you know. about what's happened in new zealand it's on the other side of the world in the united states there's so much talk about how new zealand is a peaceful country and some with where this shouldn't have happened bought does the existence of white supremacy anywhere mean that attacks like this can happen anywhere. sadly white supremacy is prevalent in many cultures what i worry about is what takes someone from being a latent white supremacist to being an active participant in acts of violence and what we've seen is leaders with authority who are admired by white supremacists use a language that empowers lone wolves to take matters into their own hands they don't necessarily directly call for violence but they use language that scares
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people they use language that provokes hate and some people take that as the signal to take up arms and do something about it we we have seen that among white supremacists in the united states just in the last five months we've had two failed attempts at violence one with a bomber and another with a military officer who was caught by the military before he began political assassinations in all of those cases they were white supremacists who had never committed acts of violence but something provoked them in an all of those instances they quoted the language of president trump so we need to take seriously that people are provoked into acts of violence by hearing the signal that when the president calls legal immigrant seeking asylum invaders which he did minutes after expressing condolences to the people of new zealand yesterday yesterday he expressed condolence and then said the southern border is under
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invasion and he said more than a million illegal aliens are rushing the border and that will cause american fatalities will first of all that's nonsense it's not happening but what is the effect of that language on white supremacists who feel it is their duty to protect the country it is to take up arms we need to hold leaders accountable for the consequences of that language to gussy it is great to have you know expertise on the subject we really appreciate your time that is. live in new york thank you. now new zealand remains the number one story on our website and we have extended coverage including a very important article new zealand mosque attacks and the scourge of white supremacy on al jazeera dot com you will find that by clicking on new zealand under the trending banner. now do get in touch with us we want to hear from you on all the stories we cover and you can send us your comments to any of our online platforms on twitter use the hash tag a.j. news go to handle is at a.j.
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english also on facebook facebook dot com slash al-jazeera we can send a message on whatsapp or telegram at seven forty five or one trip or one four nine we have had a lot of people writing in to us about new zealand i did mention one of the comments to our guests another. writes and on facebook saying when you zealand stop targeting white supremacist websites and have those who preach and comment racial violence register as hate criminals because the activity the things that are being said on some chat rooms very much in the spotlight once again following this attack right let's move on to other news now and crowds are gathering in the venezuelan capital caracas for another rally in support of president nicolas maduro he's trying to prove to his country and the world that he is still the legitimate leader with a mandate from his people model's been under increasing pressure from the oppositions won by the all who says he's the one in charge but on the streets the battle for
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power is all about oil of tricity right now tereza boy reports from caracas. boxes of food ready to be distributed in venezuela. they are the government's way of handing out subsidized food as the country struggles with the consequences of a long running crisis. because of the economic war cybernetic war where the territorial leaders that give away the boxes to the people. venezuela is recovering from a power outage that left most of the country in the dark for several days still millions of people are struggling for water back us and the many other parts of the country the government used to distribute this. year every month but now they're doing it every fifteen days because of the economic crises inside there's found other means rice some flour or oil among other things many of the people we have spoken to say
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that it's not enough. boxes as they are known here are the only way most venezuelans have to survive they're sold for a few cents of a dollar much cheaper if people were to get the same items in a supermarket. but just like water these days and many other things in venezuela the boxes do not reach everyone in need. and won't be getting a clap box this month. i can't survive like this tried to see how to sustain myself my daughter is helping me but she couldn't get the clap box this month everything is extremely difficult for us these days. opposition leader one way though still claims he's the country's legitimate into repressive and his bid for power has the support of the united states and dozens of countries. he continues to take to the streets almost every day calling on the military to rebel against i we're not
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begging we're demanding our right as citizens and knowing there are risks in a dictatorship like this one we see the government smiling what are they laughing at when the people are starving. but for now the military won't give into why those call they remain loyal to the government even though the opposition has promised to forgive many of the crimes they're accused of. the opposition of the united states are wrong when they think that the military are defending nicolas maduro they're defending themselves because they're part of the government this is military and civilian rule where they play a crucial role and all the things that you can blame the government for you can also blame burma. giving away food has been the government's way of winning times in the middle of economic trouble but the political crisis is not over and nobody really knows how long it will last. and tourism is joining us live from now on as the humanitarian crisis continues to raise
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a windows thing stand politically how is the opposition planning to further undermine the government. well the opposition is also taking to the streets this saturday one why you saw the opposition leader is going around the country challenging the government of nikola muddled up calling on the people to take to the streets but let me tell you where we are right now the donovan has called on the venezuelan people i'm very supporters to also take to the streets today this is a message to the united states to the european union they're saying hands off venezuela the past few weeks it has been that's been difficult for the government of nicholas cowdery specially because of a power outage that has affected all of this country has left most of it well out in the dark with we have seen people here demanding struggling to get basic items but basic items such as water let me we're going to talk to some of the young
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people that have come to this demonstration today asked them about what they think that is parity happening in venezuela and joining me now is bill what already had he's a report that if i use representative that's here today bill was going to tell us he was going to come a little humor that i would call my son up as a market to launch up we are going to call a mode of this in the no no molly that we should be mature by minnesota but i'm most of all of you know me but all more look up we're not all well over there and then you break and you align arceo me a don't move us to what he's basically saying it's been difficult to find someone that speaks english here but he has a very strong message basically saying that venezuela wants peace that they don't want a war with anyone that the whole do all that the united states should stay away from minutes well and they want to be in peace with the united states and also with the rest of the world and now i'm going to ask him about the crisis here and see what he thinks about it the one i'm not going to pay me john is of in atlanta in the fall when they were before let me tell you the invitees get the antarctic ice cover
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from the what happens if you don't go in there to buy your book and then you'll probably you know for maybe a. little pricey lemme know my chemical police comodo. the door for so many grandchildren as well documented but then mostly will be. what. you know it's only as a sin it will do well but only for those of a boy you know it was mounted on the door in a salon they played on get a little history learning and it's a page about awareness but i think this already additionally up it on the board can easily be border are also reported months out though not to get the good. money out back to some of the good ole boys are so much a man who just know that i was. going to buy that i merely had so little to have another all the syllabus enjoy it while i'm older models all ego. and that's what the poster pretty obvious is that. you cannot thank you very much so what he's basically saying is that the people have left the country to seek another
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opportunity something that i've been part of the world that are but it would have had an open honest policy towards my current and outs that that that people are basically because there's not a crisis that something that is not honestly what we've been seeing around the country many hospitals where people are struggling for basic food for basic medicines imo not to think most of the people that you talk to here say that they are not a state is to blame because of that but also when you talk to i'd only say that venezuela has had an enormous crisis hyperinflation among other things and that's what forcing people out of the country i'll see if i will suddenly say that nicolette notice popularity has dropped to around twenty but all of these people say that me but my daughter is the only president they want to raise a by giving us some of the perspectives we don't hear very often from venezuela tereza thank you very much for that she is live and caracas thank you well the crisis only appears to be deepening and if you take a look at our web site you can find a lot of analysis on the story like this article titled can they be
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a peaceful exit from the venezuela crisis it looks at some of the ways forward for the country from new elections to negotiations. now this is the news if you're watching us on facebook you're about to see how muslims in the u.s. have responded to the attacks on mosques and see them but stay with us because also ahead they've already fled rape and the destruction of their heart but now there are fears the monsoon season could put two hundred thousand four hundred refugees a press report from bangladesh. how low the rain clouds are gathering again for the middle east and we have got more disturbed weather that's rolling in from the mediterranean some cloud and rain just coming into cyprus based on parts of the bad we'll see some rather disturbed
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weather nestle pushing its way across iraq into kuwait big downpours coming through here night is still some snow a possibility over the high ground some wet weather there making its way into iran and beyond it'll push through prices guys do come back in as we go on into monday on places but really heavy downpours coming into a good part of central and northern pakistan up into afghanistan snow there over the high ground rather wet weather pushing by the way up toward sea caspian sea bright skies coming behind than eighteen celsius seventeen eighteen there for aleppo very rude and also for jerusalem a little bit of that wet weather that may well make its way across us here in concepts and showers long spells of right a possibility they will clear through as we go through sunday temperatures fall back twenty nine celsius and becomes a twenty six for monday but at least the sun will be out the winds pick up those watch out for us in the dust and sand talking the flames while the winds are easing away from the remnants of a roach of a cool storm after will cycle out here in mozambique but still some big downpours
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over the next few days. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby that's. where they. reveal secrets and connections some don't want exposed. there's a lot of work. if there will. investigations how to sell a massacre coming soon only rifles are so many guns sometimes even. rewind continue to care bring your people back to life with updates on the best of documentaries. from. revisiting on freights free press. talk.
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of what's happening. over the years rewind on al-jazeera.
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streaming online and what's trending online at al-jazeera dot com and it's only really a story that everyone is talking about and reading and that remains the new zealand mosque attack after the attack appeared in court. grinning at some points that and much more all on our website dot com. now this whole controversy in spain going back to the fascist era and the spanish civil war they did of the congo and have announced that the body of general francisco franco is to be exhumed. as long as the supreme court doesn't intervene and other monuments to the right wing dictatorship are also being moved anger is back what are you seeing online on the center well as about the body of general franco is to be moved from the state called the valley of the fall and it's seen by many people as a national monument to fascism the reburying has been delayed several times but the
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government has given the green light for this to happen right before a snap election which is expected to take place next month franco died in one thousand nine hundred five but spaniards remain divided about his legacy and leadership for some spaniards who remember what it was like during the franco era they are calling for justice a. worthless you're on the floor soaked in blood and urine like a piece of trash they're stepping out cigarettes on your head you know what i remember most was the radiator and the color of the tiles absurd images but it was my way of trying to cling on to life and what our society needs is to turn the page on this block chapter of history but in order to do that we need justice first the basic condition for reconciliation so franco is due to be buried next to his wife carmen polo in a state cemetery alongside other political leaders but his family is now opposing this decision and they're taking legal action the supreme court hasn't responded so
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far but spain's far right party vox is one of the parties that's opposed to the removal as well as the a nationalist political group that was founded back in the one nine hundred thirty s. you can see what they're known for that straight arm salute which was inspired in part by nazi germany and fascist italy the movement is pretty tiny now but it was once the backbone of franco's regime. the knobs on canada are did to be moved around as if they're animals just like what they want to do with francisco franco so people are reacting to this in different ways renee here says that finally the dictator will be outside the valley of the fall and she uses one of the hashtags that's used a lot with this story which is the spain that you love and then maria here she is another aspect that says for dignity and memory she also posted all roughly translate here in europe there is no room for fascist monuments now if you're watching us from spain we'd love to hear your thoughts on this story right now pull out your phone send us your questions and comments using the hash tag a.j.
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news grid and thank you very much for that we are going to get more on this would join but ruth put it a professor of compassion of politics and european studies at competence a university of the dreaded and she's joining us live from there very good to have you with us on al-jazeera has this issue reopened old women wounds from the civil war that have perhaps never hate. this is it hello thank you for having me to that this afternoon sorry. i think that more than open up the hands there are trying to be close the grounds i mean the main problem with these removal is that it should be done before these spain is the only country who has also already i mean morial for the stage or she says they did push it and. it is and normally in western countries and in general all these old west democracies as
6:36 pm
fact as a matter of fact. far from. reopening the guy i think they think they're going to be close if it is finally happen which. will have to do a deal if the supreme court goes there on that and see what's. going on the general election sell a tape creel because they you got your mic and that's all government just stated that the remove the examination of the of the of the body by a. must but it is it going to take more than franco's exhumations for spaniards to get closure over the past. i think i think it is said to be that therefore we're for trying to start to rebuild a collective memory all together just one side of the of the conflict and i believe that the exhumation of the dictatorship. would be
6:37 pm
basically one a step more so as these new role in news story relate including all together. till now the nearest of the of this war and they're the ones where by the side of the franco where the one where basically telling the story now it's time and it's been going on a lot seems to us. that we started to build up again collective memory and reconciliation policies which are absent of our politics public policy but you know as we've been reporting not everyone is on board and it has there are of course those who still remember franco fondly and are against all of this has this issue given the far right something to rally around.
6:38 pm
really did this dream grow up so boring or not supporting the extermination of the body is a small portion of the population there are still some nostalgic people who are trying to have the remains so frank who is the only on the. bios or the baby fall in bali how you say. but i don't think their research dignity in the amount of fuel a show dealing with that i mean by this relation is really on all their another page already so i think that even for the. moment was ever before you ation this used to be a step too to go there and so you mention it in your reports. and blogs yeah but. any time you political force one of.
6:39 pm
these increasing he's focusing in on other issues and married to use these these particular ones to leave or get the engine to other to other questions which are. problematic for them lesser or thank you for breaking this down for us we really appreciate your time that is but i don't live in madrid thank you very much take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world flooding in mozambique is expected to continue for days as tropical cyclone it i now pushes and as i'm bob way at least one hundred forty people have died in the region after homes were damaged and bridges washed away half a million people in the city of better have been isolated the damage to infrastructure is hampering rescue efforts aid organizations say tens of thousands of people have been displaced out of him by people i saw a woman being hit by debris it's not safe for people walking here the situation is very chaotic it was innovate they seemed to move and they said it was
6:40 pm
a majority of houses ninety five percent of the collapse was precarious lee built up or materials the lowest fun second as a journalist at the portuguese news agency loose and he outlined the challenges facing the relief effort. today openly they will get to the places where help is needed but mainly in their over as the poorest neighborhoods around the by the city where. we. made most of this nine hundred people killed a number which is likely to grow in the next hours as elk at c.n.n. that clears the base which are scattered all around the cycle on the is now over zimbabwe and. the focus points too big to be dissipating in the next few hours the problem now is that the
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weavers. likely to flood all the old the areas of and this will cause even more damage to all these families which ever lost their houses and now they risk losing their artists and food insecure but it is the next big risk in all over this area the central area of. no aid agencies and by that they have a parent for the monsoon season which could start as early as next month and last until october it's estimated that rains could put up to two hundred thousand one hundred refugees at risk stephanie deck of reports from the camps of cox's in southeastern bangladesh it is also one of the wettest areas of the country. john katun son helps her carry sand up to where they now live a small basic hut in the biggest refugee camp in the world we spotted her picking
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up sand at the bottom of a hill this she tells us is to prepare for the upcoming monsoon season only had to go up the concern for us is that the water will come inside the home plus it erodes destroying around the home and it's still continuing to erode the children sometime slip and fall so we are paving the place we send almost one million rohingya refugees live here having fled me and marjorie in the government crackdown in august of two thousand and seventeen this will be their third monsoon season away from home one of the main concerns of the monsoon season are landslides not because many of these huts the been built on slopes and you can see the sandbags have been used here to try and hold the ground but when the rains come you'll think wrench will water pouring down the slopes many people will tell you that these hearts which are made out of bamboo interpol and wealth and little trance but we're told
6:43 pm
reinforcement work has taken place on vulnerable areas and a whole new campus been built with stronger homes the ground too is getting extra help these are called soil retention walls all this in an effort to prevent landslides and allow the expected deluge of water to drain of quickly. sanjeeda was recently moved to this hut and she shares the space with her husband and six children both of the love but a little. previous home had taught pauline which was blown away during the storm we fixed it with a double layer it was also located in long flat land but this one is a higher ground a much more protected. there are many aid agencies operating here and the size of the camps means that this is more like a city but without the resources to cope with the same number of people and last year we really created twenty three twenty six thousand refugees who are especially vulnerable and there are places. and that was
6:44 pm
a good measure this year we hope that the number much much smaller than that because we have strengthened. the south as here we have one more year of experience and that's why we have kind of optimistic what is certain is that the rains will come high winds will pound these huts and the ground will turn wet and muddy but what's less certain is what will happen to all these people now living here stephanie decker in the refugee camps of cox's bazaar. afghan special forces have been sent to help hundreds of soldiers besieged by thilo bomb fighters around seven hundred troops are surrounded in bugis province on the border with turkmenistan the military has also called in air support in a bid to lift the siege afghan forces have been battling the part of the region for nearly two weeks thirty soldiers have been killed and up to forty taken hostage now rising prices higher inflation increasing poverty growing unemployment all the
6:45 pm
major concerns in argentina so to cut some government payouts to the most vulnerable daniel never ports from when a site is. across argentina tens of thousands of people took their anger and frustration to the streets in a day of protest against cuts to benefits. they blocked access roads and here in one of cyrus demonstrated outside supermarkets the protests come in the midst of rising prices and continued job losses and it's very very bad. move people. the money doesn't buy anything does not enough to eat industrial production is down unemployment and poverty levels are up. this time last year and all the major car plants this is spending work because. inflation continues more than thirty percent a year. was against the u.s.
6:46 pm
dollar many analysts say president policy is a not working clearly the opening up of the economy the deregulation the opening up to speculative capital flows everything that market has done has only sunk the economy into the pits and so that has to be reversed we need some level of promotion of local production employment wage growth consumption. there is some good news exports especially agricultural products a vibrant and the banking sector is driving but those on the street say they're not seeing the benefits. from the moment mockery came to power we've had something similar to the rest of latin america with their new liberal governments giving priority to their business friends while totally destroying the national economy not to mention the people who hold this country up but are living in poverty the international monetary fund last year granted argentina fifty seven billion dollars
6:47 pm
its biggest ever means the government is now subject to i.m.f. rules that are austerity measures and increases in fuel and public transport. we asked for a government spokesman to explain the situation but none was available to loan from the international monetary fund alleviating argentina's economic problems but only in the still life for many people here continues to be full with daily difficulties is a demonstration such as this one already likely to get bigger and more frequent. it's still to be confirmed but their choice in october is elections is likely to be between machree and the woman he replaced four years ago cristina fernandez the kids now between what many argentines don't like now what they didn't much like before. one of cyrus. french police have fired tear gas at yellow vest protesters in the capital paris it is the eighteenth
6:48 pm
weekend of demonstrations against president mallya macron protests began over opponents and prison tax on diesel which has since been scrapped but the rallies have grown into a wider anti-government movement. that what was once a rail yard is now home to new york's newest and most expensive real estate project massive building public subsidies helped bring about the twenty five billion dollars development as hudson yards which was unveiled on manhattan's west side on friday but is kristen's flemmi reports some less well off local residents are questioning what they get out of it was on the good. with a burst of confetti and lots of fanfare new yorkers were introduced to the city's newest and most expensive to develop neighborhood. hudson yards is anchored by four high rise office and residential buildings home to an upscale shopping mall fancy restaurants and a state of the art cultural center known as the shed all surrounding public space
6:49 pm
and this honeycomb like structure of some twenty five hundred interconnecting stairs known for now simply as the vessel of this this is public space and that's not so precious this is a space that is free for anyone to come to and that's the whole point of the construction began in december two thousand and twelve on top of still active train yards the brainchild of a former mayor hudson yards received an estimated five point six billion dollars from the city in the form of a brand new subway station and various tax abatements hudson yards was designed to bring some glamour to what had been a dilapidated neighborhood the vassal to be a beacon for tourists and city residents alike but the political landscape here has changed prompting critics to question whether or not more high end retail and office space is really what taxpayers need. public uproar over a smaller tax break recently led the retail giant amazon to cancel plans to build
6:50 pm
a massive headquarters in the city it's very hard to know when or if ever the new york city will break even on this deal because you're talking about layering so many different kinds of subsidies on a single project i want to thank everyone for being here i see many of my colleagues in government neither the mayor nor the governor of new york both known for their national political ambitions showed up for the event politicians who did touted the developments economic benefits his project would be a boon to new york for three main reasons jobs. jobs and more jobs the ray of sunlight they hope will penetrate any lingering clouds of uncertainty kristen salumi al jazeera new york. now once again for those of you watching us on facebook here's another boy a story for you on the young activists around the world who are leading the fight against climate change that's why friends that a.j.
6:51 pm
plus coming up and sports rivals are united roger federer and rafael nadal get ready to face each other at the indian wells mustards. leg. some journeys are tougher than others. but this route is even tougher than the car under the truck there it's dangerous there's al-jazeera world follows the moroccan truck driver who's in danger and their lives. just to be committing if you drive they
6:52 pm
might break your liver even killing because a parade is known for. a gay disease he doesn't analogy zero of the latest news as it breaks fifty do you want to fight money laundering for the fun and free of terrorism if it has to be ready to displease governments including saudi arabia it's with details coverage lynchings such as these were known to take place in the past but they were rare now thirty six cases happen reported says twenty fifty from around the world for the victims on the campaign is you've been here during this trial they say this is being a truthful from grade school one of. falses highest clerics.
6:53 pm
it's time to find out what people are talking about and sports today as the thanks here one of the greatest rivalries in sports teams shortly roger federer and rafael nadal meet in the semifinals at indian wells the first time they've played in nearly a year and a half they would start reports. things have been going federer's white this week and so did the first set against poland's whew but her catch the swiss took it six games to full his opponent by a pin fifteen years younger than him but it didn't show it was her catch make today most of the running and experience went out in the end. i wonder is starting for a sick title at indian wells and he wrapped things up in just an hour and thirteen minutes which. i played the statesman a doll up against russia's current catch you know. this was
6:54 pm
a more competitive match the opening set was close but the dow took it on a tie break i know for the first time in his career he needed some treatment for a knee injury but the doctor patched him up and he went on to claim victory setting up the match everybody wanted to see in california the dow versus federer the two most successful players in history with thirty seven grand slams between them i want to play and i am sometimes probably my my biggest rival and. i believe that ages in our career and i was. just a pleasure and just an opportunity to keep competing that's true you know if i play rough or there is extra energy in the building extra energy for both of us there's always a lot on the line we'd have done so much promotional stuff for you know for the tour charity stuff matches you know legendary matches that you know brought history so i think we're both excited it will be their first meeting since twenty seventeen
6:55 pm
federer has won the last five but it does leads their overall head to head record it promises to be some match that is provided nadal's knee holds out david stokes al-jazeera. may well there's a big story developing in the women's tournament. this is so crazy i'm in the finals of the b.n.p. prairie bo. come true i really looking forward tomorrow to the finals on sunday and thank you guys for your support that was canadian teenager bianca and she's into the final after beating the leanest a saloon or in three sets the eighteen year old is the youngest player to reach the final at indian wells and twenty years since arena williams won it at seventeen andrea still will be up against three time grand slam champion and. andreas k. is the first wildcard to ever reach the final of indian wells she's had an incredible run of form winning thirty two of her last thirty five matches at the end of last season she was ranked one hundred seventy eighth in the world but
6:56 pm
thanks to her performance in california she'll break into the top forty on monday she says she's been meditating since she was twelve and it seems to be working for . her that you meditate did you envision that tonight was going to happen. i guess so oh i haven't. when i made it to yes it sure was myself after the match winning. so i guess that fiercely hope and just today i just believed in myself playing against these top players i've watched them play so many times and t.v. so it's really incredible to play against them and where you went from on monday a kid to another an even younger one but this one is better with his feet than his hands this is eleven year old kata his latest instagram video has gone viral it's gotten youth academy player has shown off his quick feet and ball control on a treadmill even turning up the speed at one stage
6:57 pm
a mile carter has one hundred fifty thousand followers on the social media platform and it's sponsored by nike but all he makes this trip look effortless we suggest you don't try it at home if you value your ankles. you can follow me on twitter. let me know what stories we should be covering here on al-jazeera pull back more at eight hundred g.m.t. for now i will hand you back to elizabeth. so i thank you very much for that and that will do it for this news gordon after today's show a new script is taking a break for tomorrow you'll see a regular al-jazeera news out every day at fifteen hundred g.m.t. but we do still want you to keep in touch follow us on twitter at a.j. and instagram at al-jazeera english telegram just look up the channel al-jazeera news grid for the latest updates twenty four seventh's and of course you can always find so much more send us took some comments to our website at al-jazeera dot com from elizabeth for ana and the entire newsgroup to thank you for watching.
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they call this bleeding the tree. first substance the world is addicted to now at the center of a global trade war. it's latex in its purest form found in tires phones toothbrushes satellites or mattresses it is an essential element to daily life and so deep in the ivorian forest where you get a book goes from tree to tree scarring them for the precious liquid trump is
6:59 pm
imposing two hundred billion dollars in tariffs on china the world's largest manufacturer of rubber goods china in response imposes tariffs on synthetic rubber the west produces while in the short term this is bad for african producers in the long run some hope the continent could benefit from this trade war unaware of the global trade war and despite falling prices at open calls rubber white gold at least for now. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we doe as to have any gaily maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have devoted our nation what has happened to the revenge of us one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. is another religion this is the politics me and mark on unholy alliance on
7:00 pm
all jews here. i really still liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as little as. possible. new zealand mourns the deaths of forty nine people in friday's mass shootings at two mosques in christ church a main suspect stayed silent as he appeared in court charged with murder. oh i maryam namazie you're with al jazeera live from london also coming up on the program forensic teams start examining bodies from mass graves around the iraqi town of sen john where i still kill more than three.


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